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Santa Gets a New LPG Powered Sleigh

It’s a well known fact that reindeer don’t get very good traction on red dirt. 
They also really don't like warm weather. 
This all creates a huge challenge for Santa when he does his rounds in Australia.  
He thought about using kangaroos but he knew that the reindeer would get jealous.  
As a result, Santa’s elves have been hard at work engineering an answer to this problem. 
The solution they picked was an LPG powered sleigh for Santa to use in Australia!
Santa's LPG Powered Sleigh

Why Did the Elves Decide on LPG?

LPG is a great transport fuel that is readily available. 
In addition, Santa is very concerned about his carbon footprint and he knows that LPG is a low carbon fuel. 
There are also unconfirmed reports that Rudolph’s nose is already LPG powered, so LPG was the obvious choice.
Santa also likes the fact that the blue flame coming out of his LPG propulsion engines matches the colour of his eyes.  
We are not suggesting that Santa is vain, although the elves do spend a lot of time pressing his red suit and polishing his belt buckle
Coincidently, the elf that is the head of Santa’s engineering department is one of our Facebook fans and follows us on Twitter, too.  
He is one smart elf!  
He has approached us, on Santa’s behalf, to be the gas supplier for the Australian leg of Santa’s trip.

Why did Santa's Head Elf Pick Elgas to Supply his LPG?

This very clever elf knows that Elgas and SWAP’n’GO have a great reputation for reliable LPG supply over the Christmas holidays. 
Plus, with about 5,000 SWAP’n’GO® outlets around Australia, Santa will be able to find gas nearby, no matter where he is.  
He can even look up the locations on his iPhone, using our online SWAP’n’GO Locator Tool.
Elgas is honoured to have been selected as the official LPG gas supplier for Santa. 
We are also pleased to be the BBQ gas supplier that millions of Australians trust every year.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good flight!


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