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Think LPG When Building a New Home

As new housing estates are constructed further and further from the city centres, many do not have access to natural gas. 
However, many homeowners want gas cooking and other gas appliances. 
What can builders and owner-builders do? 

The Solution is LPG

EasyGas DownUnder™LPG gas is available in virtually every area of Australia.  
In fact, LPG suppliers focus on regional Australia, in addition to the major population centres, as that is where there is the greatest need for LPG. 
LPG appliances are also readily available, as virtually all home gas appliances are offered in LPG versions, as well as the natural gas models.
New home builders also have the perfect opportunity to take advantage of an innovative new underground LPG storage system, EasyGas DownUnder™.  
With this new storage system, the LPG gas cylinder is stored safely underground and out of sight. 
All you see is the cylinder lid in your lawn or garden.

So, why not just settle for an all-electric home?

There's Simply No Substitute for Gas Cooking

Gas cooking

Gas cooking is one great reason. 

Leading chefs agree that the instantly controllable heat of a direct flame gas cooktop, that wraps around the pan, provides the ultimate cooking experience.  

You get fast and even heat, with instant temperature control at your fingertips.

Cooking on a gas cooktop is also very affordable, with an average family spending less than 50 cents per day to cook like a master chef. 

With LPG, that experience is available to you, no matter where you live, even if you don't currently have gas.

Gas Hot Water

Gas hot waterGas hot water has a number of advantages over electric heat pumps and electric boosted solar. 
Continuous flow gas hot water systems are much less expensive to purchase and install.
They take up less space and they are very energy efficient, as they only run when you need hot water.
Also, unlike heat pumps, there are no issues with noise or compressor maintenance.

Gas Heating

Gas heatingGas heating can also be advantageous, when compared to reverse cycle electric heating.  
The temperature of the air exiting a gas heater is much warmer than that of a reverse cycle unit.
So, the living space gets warmer faster.
You also feel warmer if you are in the direct air flow.  
Gas heaters are also unaffected by outside temperatures.
They work equally well even when it is really cold outside.

Gas Fireplaces

Gas fireplaces

Another heating option is to install a gas log fire heater. 
Gas fireplaces are a rare combination of beauty and practicality. 
They add life and warmth to any room.   
At the same time, gas fireplaces are a practical way to heat your living space.  
They are energy efficient and can quickly, and beautifully, warm your home.
It’s easy to install a gas fireplace during the new construction process.
The best way to have gas appliances in your new home is to include them in your initial plans. 
Consult with your architect or builder early in the project and the cost of the installed gas appliances could easily be less than the electric alternatives. 

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 LPG and Natural Gas models available

Great performance and a low cost to install, a win-win for any new home project.

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