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SWAP’n’GO Gets Ready for Christmas

Saying that Australians are very fond of barbecuing would be an understatement.  
Australians love to BBQ!

Christmas-New Year is the Busiest Time

BBQ prawnsThis is never more true than during the Christmas-New Year-Australia Day holiday season.  
After all, what would Christmas be without barbecued prawns?  
It would be absolutely un-Australian!
As a result, the seasonal demand for BBQ gas bottles explodes, figuratively of course. 
The rate almost triples during the holiday period, as compared to the normal demand.

Managing the Extra Volume

So, how does SWAP’n’GO® cope with this incredible surge in gas bottle demand?
First, we use our years of experience to forecast how many bottles will be required and where they need to be delivered.  
We then order in tens of thousands of extra BBQ gas bottles from the bottle manufacturers. 
Container loads of gas bottles start arriving all around Australia as early as September. 
They keep arriving right through the holiday season.
Our filling plants start filling and stockpiling these gas bottles as they receive them, months in advance.  
It takes a great effort on the part of our filling plant teams, with extra staff and lots of overtime, to fill the normal demand plus the extra stockpile bottles.  
It also does help to have state-of-the-art filling plants, as shown in the image below. 
SWAP'n'GO automated filling plant

Huge Ready-to-Go Stock

SWAP'n'GO gas bottle storage yard

By December, our stockyards look like a virtual sea of BBQ gas bottles. 
Now the challenge is to get the bottles to where they are needed, your local SWAP’n’GO dealer.  
Our dedicated drivers, who are the real heroes of this story, work as many as 7 days per week during the holiday season.  
Other Elgas drivers and trucks, normally used for the delivery of other gas products, also join in the effort.  
Some drivers even work Christmas and New Year’s Day, to top up dealers who run low.
All of this is to make sure that when you drop into any one of our dealers, during holiday season, you’ll find the gas you need. 
SWAP’n’GO has a proud history of being recognised as the most reliable BBQ gas supplier during the holidays and this year should be no exception.

Wishing you a happy & safe holiday season from the team at SWAP’n’GO!




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