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How to be an LPGenius

How to be an LPGenius

If convenience and lifestyle are important to you, then you need to know about LPGenius® from Elgas.

A New Way to Get Home LPG

LPGenius is a home LPG service offer, from Elgas, based on the philosophy that home LPG gas consumers have better things to do than worrying about ordering and paying for their home LPG.
The best way to describe it is EFFORTLESS LPG™.
How can home LPG gas be effortless?  
We start with our Automated Tanker Delivery
Our very clever computer system keeps track of how much gas you use and calculates when you will need more. 
At the appropriate time it automatically schedules a delivery so you never have to call to order.

Convenient Online Services

You can make payments, download invoices, check account balances, place orders, provide special instructions, check your delivery schedule or just about anything customer service related with just a few key strokes. 
We can even eliminate those few key strokes if you choose to use direct debit payments.  
With Automatic tanker delivery and direct debit, you can just sit back and relax while we handle everything.

Local, Safe & Reliable

Being local, safe and reliable are also part of the LPGenius formula. 
If you do need to chat with us, you can reach us 24/7/365 by telephone, too! 
During business hours your call is directed to your local Elgas branch.  
After hours, your call goes to our Australian National Service Centre.  
Help is always just a phone call away. 
You are not alone!
To find out more about the LPGenius philosophy, visit our LPGenius Web Site.  
Don’t forget to check out the LPGenius Bonus Package whilst you are there.

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