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 The 25th World LPG Forum

Elgas tries to stay on the leading edge of LPG technology and trends. So, it was with great pleasure that we attended the 25th World LP Gas Forum, recently concluded in Bali, Indonesia. The Forum was organized by the World LP Gas Association.

The event was a great success, with a variety of key industry events and topics. Participants came from 70 countries, totalling over 1400 attendees. It included 80 exhibitors from around the world, showing the latest in LPG technology.

There was a special Oceania Stream of presentations providing a comprehensive overview of market situations and opportunities in Australia and New Zealand. The Asian Developments Bank’s activities in the Pacific Islands were discussed, as well as an overview of opportunities in Fiji and Vanuatu. There was also a Global Technology Conference to learn about the very latest and most innovative technologies in the LPG business.

The WLPGA also officially launched the new campaign Cooking For Life, which works to reduce the negative health and social impacts of indoor air pollution. The campaign promotes the use of LPG as an alternative to traditional fuels, such as various forms of biomass and kerosene. The Campaign coincides with the UN’s initiative Sustainable Energy for All (SEFA), which was launched this year.

The 25th World Forum was a great success, offering a unique combination of informative presentations and exhibitions. The 26th World LP Gas Forum is to be combined with the 2013 AEGPL Congress and will take place in London during October 2013.

Thank you, WLPGA!



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