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I Love My LPG in My Home

My LPG in my home heats my rooms and hot water, fuels my BBQ and cooks my food.  And I just love cooking with gas!

It is the same gas that is supplied to hundreds of thousands of Australian homes and businesses that purchase bottled gas.

Getting it is Easy

My gas supplier explained that LPG is supplied in gas bottles, cylinders or tanks.  It all depended on how much I was going to use. 

I also had a choice.  My gas bottles could either be exchanged for full ones or they could be refilled on site by an LPG tanker. 

How Does My LPG Work?

They also explained that LPG is stored under pressure, as a liquid, in a gas bottle. 

It turns back into a gas when I release some of the pressure in the gas bottle by turning on one of my LPG appliances.

It’s Easy to Use

Illustrated guide to home LPGUsing LPG is simple.  My LPG supplier even gave me an illustrated guide for LPG newbies to make it a total no brainer.

I have two 45kg gas bottles for my LPG so I never run out.  I use the gas from one bottle and, when that runs out, I switch over to the second bottle. 

All I do is close one valve, open another and flip a lever.  It’s that easy.

Then I just order another bottle right after I switch over and they come by and exchange my empty gas bottle for a full one.

I Order Online with My Smartphone

My LPG company has an easy-to-use LPG App that makes ordering almost effortless. 

I can order, check on my delivery and pay for my gas 24/7 by using the app on my phone.

I just downloaded the free app and I was ready to go. 

I Opened My Gas Account Online in About 2 Minutes

When I started, I signed up online, too.  It only took about 2 minutes.  No joke.

It was a nice short form and they didn’t ask for my life history!

Endless Hot Water

Bosch 26E gas hot water systemOne of the things I like best about LPG is the fact that I never run out of hot water. 

My home now has a tankless continuous flow hot water heater. 

This little beauty heats the water as I use it so it never runs out no matter how many people I have staying over. 

It’s even got a 6-Star energy rating, so I’m saving money, too.

Now I’m Cooking with Fire & Loving It

At my old house, I had to cook on an electric cooktop and it drove me crazy. 

It took what seemed like forever to get hot, the pan never heated evenly and then there was no way to turn the heat down quickly.

Now I have LPG gas with instant heat control and wrap around flame so the pan heats much more evenly. 

Absolutely love it!

My Beautiful Hassle-Free Gas Fireplace

Rinnai Sapphire Gas FireplaceI’ve always wanted a fireplace without the bother of firewood.  Hauling firewood in on cold nights is not something I miss.

Now that I have LPG, I’ve added a gas fireplace to my living room.  How many things in life are both practical and beautiful at the same time? 

In addition to not having to deal with firewood, I now have instant on and off.  No more building fires and waiting for the house to heat up.  Now my home gets warm quickly and cleanly. 

The added comfort and convenience of a thermostat and remote control requires no explanation.  

It puts the split system heat pump to shame, too.  It just gets a lot warmer and much faster.

I Love My LPG

I love my LPG in my homeMy only regret is not getting LPG sooner. 

Turns out that I could have added it to my all-electric home long ago but I just didn’t realise it. 

At least now I have it and my whole family is happier for it.



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