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In Memoriam:

Elgas lost a veteran and the LPG industry lost a staunch supporter on Friday 7 October 2016, when Russell passed away after a lengthy battle with cancer.

He was surrounded by family, and had been, during his long hospitalisation. His family is firmly in our thoughts.

His stubborn reasoning, technical insight and camaraderie will be sorely missed for a very long time.


Meet Russell Brown:

National Technical Projects Manager

Russell Brown: National Technical Projects ManagerNicole:  Russell, how did you come to work with Elgas?

Russell:  I have had a long career in the gas industry which began with running my own plumbing and installation business.  In 1976, I began working with the Gas and Fuel Corporation as a Maintenance Supervisor.  I transferred to the LPG Department of the Gas and Fuel Corporation, Heatane Gas, in 1983.  While with Heatane, I worked in a number of roles.  Initially, as an Installation Inspector before moving on to an Installation Supervisor role.  I then tried my hand as a Maintenance Supervisor before finishing up my time at Heatane as an Autogas Maintenance Supervisor.  My career at Elgas began in 1993, when Elgas acquired Heatane Gas.

Nicole:  How long have you been the National Technical Projects Manager?

Russell:  I have now been in my role as National Technical Projects Manager for nine years.  I work alongside a number of people from different areas and organisations on an everyday basis.  I regularly speak with state regulators, industry members and, of course, I frequently interact with our Elgas staff.  Working at Elgas provides me with a challenge which I greatly enjoy.  My role is diverse, varied and can have significant impacts on the gas industry.

Nicole:   What are your day-to-day activities like?

Russell:  On an everyday basis, my role involves reviewing Australian Standards, reviewing State Legislation, training and interpreting legal requirements.  However, it can be pretty difficult to track me down at work as I am also the Elgas representative for Gas Energy Australia – the national gas industry association.  I serve on the SSTC, +Code revision group and a number of Australian Standards committees.  I also perform many other important duties such as being the Elgas Emergency Controller.  One of the more interesting aspects of my job is when I am acting as Elgas’ own Sherlock Holmes – as an incident investigator.

Nicole: So you work with a lot of legislative bodies, can you tell me more about how this effects our customers?

Russell:  My role has a large influence on the customer experience.  At the most basic level, my role is about increasing the safety of our customers, contractors and employees whilst trying to balance the economic impacts of this added safety.  Without my role, customers could be subject to higher costs and less safe products.  My role also helps to prevent the risk of failing to comply with regulations.  Ensuring our customers not only have a good experience with Elgas, but also continuing to improve customer safety is a very rewarding and important part of my role.

Nicole: Your role sounds like it could get pretty stressful at times.  How do you like to relax?

Russell: Outside of work, I enjoy exploring the outdoors and am often off fishing or camping.  When I’m not out trying to catch my dinner -- or when the fish aren’t biting -- I like to eat out.  Travelling is another interest of mine and is a great way to unwind.

Nicole: How would you summarise your time with Elgas?

Russell:  My time with Elgas has been all about improving our customers’ safety whilst ensuring they have a hassle free customer experience.   I have been working in the gas industry for a long time now.  Over the years a lot of things have changed, but the commitment to improving the safety of customers, contractors and employees has remained a constant.




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