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This blog is the first of a series.  Meet the people behind the scenes at Elgas as Nicole Venz, part of our Graduate Training Program, interviews key members of the Elgas team.

Meet Geoff Perks: National Training & Development Manager

Nicole: Geoff, how did you come to work with Elgas?

Geoff: Fifteen years ago I left my job as a Financial Controller with Mobil and joined Elgas, having left my cherry picking and coal shovelling days (while attending University) far behind! When I first joined Elgas my time was split 50:50 between training and as a Business Analyst.

Geoff Perks

Nicole:  How long have you been the National Training Manager?

Geoff:  I have been in my position as National Training and Development Manager for the past ten years, which have been quickly flying by.  I enjoy the wide variety of responsibility and tasks my position provides. There are many roles within the company that require effective training programs, which keeps me very busy. Everyone at Elgas is very down to earth and approachable.  The people are the part I like the most about working here.

Nicole: What are your day-to-day activities like?

Geoff:  On a day-to-day basis you can find me writing new training manuals; developing competency assessments; organising or running Staff Conferences across Australia and New Zealand; and booking staff into training programs. I am fortunate to work with all levels of Elgas, from the Head of the company to the staff on the frontline. I most regularly have contact with middle to senior levels of management and the Customer Service staff.

Nicole:  Tell us more about your work with the Customer Service team?

Geoff:  Working closely with Customer Service staff means my work often impacts our customers’ experience.  As an example of how my role has affected their experience, we recently introduced a Customer Service PAL (Peer Advisory Leader) program.

Developed with the goal of “Every experience a customer has dealing with our people, should be a good one”, the PAL program is primarily a training and assessment program.  The PAL Program helps ensure all new and existing Customer Service staff have the required level of training in their Customer Service role. Regional PALs support this program by providing training and ongoing mentoring for Customer Service staff.

This initiative ensures our customers can get the best service and answers they need every time they pick up their phone.

Nicole:  What do you do when you aren’t working?

Geoff:  If you can’t find me at work, I’m most likely off working on my own 50-50 challenge – to get to 50 countries before the age of 50!  I’m currently up to 37 countries with 5 years to go… so watch this space.

Earlier this year, I combined my interests of travel and adventure as a primary organiser and MC for the Adventure Travel Film Festival. This is a three day annual festival held in scenic Bright (Victoria) which showcases a range of adventure travel films and speakers.

If I’m not off jet setting, you’ll probably find me anywhere near the water or enjoying a bit of sunshine. I’m fortunate enough to live on a marina, so I am never far from the water. In summer, I can often be found at my local beach enjoying a sunset, and in the cooler seasons I enjoy the lovely water views at home.

Nicole:  So, Geoff, how would you summarize your time with Elgas?

Geoff:  Inspiring our customers to have the same confidence in our Customer Service staff as we do, and being able to consistently provide a high level of customer service provides a great challenge.   I have enjoyed every year of my fifteen working at Elgas despite them disappearing so quickly.




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