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  • Last Updated: 27 July 2021

Portable butane stove Safety

Butane Stove

Portable butane stove cookers are small singe or double burner stove tops powered by butane cartridges.*

They usually weigh about 2kg and are typically transported in a small plastic carrying case.

The portability of these units makes them very popular with campers, caravaners and 4WD enthusiasts.

They typically sell for under $30.


Since the original alerts and recalls in 2015 concerning the safety of butane stove cookers (lunch-box cookers) a number of stoves have been modified and retested against revised Australian Standards to ensure they conform with all requirements.

The original alerts and recalls remain place for stoves manufactured before 2015. The original ACCC and State Authority advice is found on the relevant website, along with some updates.

All stoves that comply with the new standards were released for sale under a new certification number. When buying a new stove, it is important to check the data plate on the stove to ensure the certification number does not appear in the list below.

If you can’t see the data plate on the stove, seek advice from the retailer.

A list of the affected units appears below.


Brands Model number
Home Essentials, Red Stone, My collection, Bai Hui BDZ-168
Five Star MS-2000
Adventure Ridge
Buy Right
Plus MS-2000
PC1060, KPC1060, MPC1060, PC1065, JPC1065 PC1070, PC1075, PC2070, KPC2070, MPC2070, AR2070, PC2075, BBC2075, PC2080
Campmaster, Red Centre, Grillrite, Rough It, Fiesta, Falcon, Wild Country, Festiva,Campers Collection, Spinifex, Oztrail, Roman, Progaz, Escape and Gas Craft **2150, **2250, **2250SP, **2160, **2160S
(** = customer code)
Campmaster, Kookaburra, Grillpro, Topstove, Fiesta, Falcon, Wild Country, Freetime, Festiva, The Stove, Sunshine, Campers Collection, Oztrail, Roman, Progaz, Escape & Gas Craft CM2100, CM2200, STO990, ST7000, FT2100, FT2200, ST1, ST2
Campmaster, Kookaburra, Grillpro, Topstove, Fiesta, Falcon, Wild Country, Freetime, Festiva, The Stove, Sunshine, Campers Collection, Oztrail, Roman, Progaz, Escape, Gas Craft & Spinifex **2170* & **2270*
(** = customer code)
Auscrown, Wild Country Handy Range AD90
U-Bute Traveller U-Bute Traveller
Jackeroo PL-121
Adventuridge 509245
Companion COMP523
House Brand 509245
Kookaburra ST0990
Primus 2240
Red Desert 509230
Spinifex 7027612

Disposable Butane Cartridges

The 220g disposable butane cartridges simply slide into the unit and are locked in place.

Under the new standards used in testing, many of these cartridges are now equipped with a Countersink Release Vent (CRV).

The CRV is a safety feature that is designed into the cartridge to allow the release of some gas in an over pressure situation, as would occur when exposed to excess heat.

This reduces the risk of failure / fire, but only the approved stoves have these safety features. It is recommended that consumers who own old units should stop using them, and seek a refund if proof of purchase is available.

What does a CRV Butane Cartridge Look Like?

What If I Own One?

When using any butane stove cooker, be on the lookout for any unusual functioning of the unit, including abnormal heat build-up in the base.

You should also avoid using the unit in any way that will trap heat.

So, do not use oversized pans or large grill plates.

The pot or pan should not overhang the butane cartridge area.

The video below is a graphic lesson in what happens when you trap heat this way.

Never use any aluminium foil on or around the burners or on any part of the unit.

Always allow for adequate air flow over the top and sides of the unit.

Never use the unit with heat beads.

Use on very hot days should also be avoided.

Do not place the unit on any hot surface, like a metal table, ute tailgate or asphalt in the sun.

Avoid direct exposure to the sun.

You should stop using the unit immediately if you notice any malfunction.

Also, make sure you buy the CRV style cartridges for increased safety when using the stove.