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The recent 27th World LPG Forum showcased an array of amazing new products. 

The Forum, held in Miami, was run by the World LP Gas Association (WLPGA).

LPG Outboard Motors

LPG Outboard Motor

Lehr produces the world’s first LPG powered outboard motors.

Their range includes 2.5hp, 5.0hp, 9.9hp and 15hp engines. 

Lehr LPG outboards protect wildlife and the waterways by eliminating the possibility of a toxic fuel being spilled in the water. 

The LPG engines also produce less greenhouse gas emissions.

Unlike petrol, LPG never goes bad with age  

LPG eliminates the need to drain the engine in the off-season. 

Engine maintenance is also reduced.

LPG String Trimmers

LPG string trimmer

Nothing is more unpleasant than using a 2-cycle whipper snipper, with oily smoke blowing into your face and onto your skin and clothes.

Lehr also produces string trimmers that run on an LPG canister, similar to the ones used for camping. 

The canisters last for about 2 hours and are easy to change. 

The power comes from a 25cc 4-stroke engine, so there is no messy mixing of 2-cycle oil and petrol and no need to drain it for winter. 

There is also no oil injection, just a small tank of SAE 30 oil for lubrication and cooling.

In addition, unlike electric models, there is no downtime for battery recharging. 

So, you get clean operation and continuous availability.

LPG Riding Lawn Mowers

LPG Riding Lawn Mower

LPG riding lawn mowers have been around for a number of years but they have become much more refined and are now designed for LPG from the start, as opposed to just being modified petrol mowers. 

Many use readily available forklift gas cylinders for their fuel supply needs.

LPG is an environmentally friendly option that allows for on-site fuel delivery, eliminates the possibility of fuel spillage, reduces maintenance costs, and provides longer engine life. 

All this in addition to reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions by nearly 50 percent, when compared with petrol models.

Manufacturers of LPG powered riding lawn mowers include Toro, Kubota, Bob-Cat and more.

Greengear Products

Greengear Global Ltd is a company that specialises in the use of LPG to power equipment. 

Greengear markets a variety of innovative LPG powered products including lawn mowers, tillers, string trimmers, generators, powered haulers and more.

The benefits delivered include the environmental advantages of less greenhouse gases emissions and no soil or ground water pollution from fuel spills. 

Consumers also typically get less frequent refuelling, no messy petrol cans to deal with, less engine maintenance and fuel that does not go bad with age.

The following are some of the Greengear products:

LPG Lawn Mowers

LPG Lawn Mower

LPG push lawn mowers offer all the same features as the petrol models including self-propelled, mulching, bagging, etc. 

The LPG can be provided by either a cylinder or a cartridge, depending on the model.

The advantage is that you get less. 

Less emissions, less mess, less maintenance whilst you get no contaminating fuel spills or problems with aged fuel.

LPG Tillers

LPG Tiller

Now you can till your garden without all of the refuelling mess, not to mention that walking behind a slow moving petrol device is no fun. 

With an engine up to 173cc displacement, there is plenty of power to break through the toughest soil conditions.

LPG Powered Mini Transporter

LPG Mini Transporter

This handy device allows you to move heavy loads around on virtually all terrain and within narrow clearances. 

It’s a tracked vehicle powered by a 4HP 118cc engine with a 3-speed gear box so there shouldn’t be much that can stop it.

LPG Powered Wheelbarrow

LPG POwered Wheelbarrow

For smaller loads, the LPG powered wheelbarrow is ideal. 

It helps workers move loads around the tight confines of a worksite.

The unit is powered by a 0.95HP 112cc engine. 

The flat sided cargo deck provides easy loading.

LPG Generators

LPG Digital Generator

LPG generators are not new but this suitcase styled LPG Digital Power Generator is different. 

Designed for transportability, it is lightweight and compact, with an integral handle. 

It has multi-voltage output of 100, 120, 220, 230 or 240 volts. 

Rated output is 1600 W with a peak load of 2000W.  It is also very quiet, at only 65db.

LPG Log SplitterLPG Log Splitters

Providing up to 16 tonnes of force, LPG powered log splitters are perfect for remote locations. 

The 4-stroke engine produces up to 4.8KW of power, with all of the environmental advantages of LPG.

Want One?

Most of these products are new and not yet available in Australia. 

However, if the demand is there, the manufacturers are almost sure to respond.




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