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Arnold Schwarzenegger & LPG Have 8 Things in Common

In what may come as a great surprise, Arnold Schwarzenegger has a lot in common with LPG. 

In fact, the ‘Governator’ has qualities that are closely paralleled by LPG.

Both are Versatile


Arnold has had a very varied career.  

He started as a professional bodybuilder and went on to be an actor, director, businessman, investor and politician.

LPG can be used for literally hundreds of things.  

It is used in agricultural, industrial, commercial, transport, in-home, power generation and leisure applications.

In fact, there are so many uses that the WLPGA created a special web site, called Exceptional Energy in Action, to act as a data base for all LPG applications.

Both are Weightlifters

LPG powered forkliftArnold Schwarzenegger is probably the most famous bodybuilder of all time, having won the Mr Olympia competition 7 times. 

To achieve that, he was a dedicated weightlifter.

However, even Arnold would come second to an LPG powered forklift. 

LPG forklifts keep the wheels of commerce moving by lifting and moving the multitude of items that are produced and sold worldwide.

Both Run Restaurants

Planet Hollywood logoArnold has been a restaurateur, first opening a restaurant with his wife in 1992. 

He was also one of the founding investors in the Planet Hollywood restaurant chain.

LPG also runs restaurants

Gas is the professional chef’s first choice for cooking. 

LPG makes it possible for chefs to cook with gas no matter where their restaurant is located.

Both are Action Heroes

From Conan to the Terminator, Arnold is known for starring as an action hero. 

He was the quintessential superstar, in the 80’s and 90’s, as a man of action.

LPG is also all about action. 

LPG autogas powers cars and commercial vehicles worldwide. 

And it does it cleanly, with very low greenhouse gas emissions.

Both are Concerned with the Environment

As Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger pushed a number of environmental initiatives. 

One program was a bill creating the USA's first cap on greenhouse gas emissions by businesses.

LPG also has a great greenhouse gas track record. 

As a low carbon fuel, it is a great alternative to coal fired electricity in powering home appliances. 

It is also far cleaner than either petrol or diesel in powering vehicles.

Both are Reliable

As Governor Schwarzenegger, he had to be reliable for the people. 

As the Terminator, you know that he was persistently reliable and when he said “I’ll be back” you knew it was a certainty.

LPG is also reliable. 

The Australian LPG infrastructure helps assure readily available supply and your supplier should be there whenever you need them.

Both Have High Energy

Above all else, Arnold Schwarzenegger is known for his drive, ambition and boundless energy. 

His success is based on his ability to simultaneously pursue different ventures and causes.

LPG is a high energy source of power. 

Two of the unique features of LPG are that it’s easy to store and very transportable. 

It can be used virtually any time and anywhere to generate motion, heat or electricity.

Both are Known for Supporting Social Causes

Arnold has been a long-time supporter of the Special Olympics. 

He has also supported a number of other youth programs. 

His first political appointment was as chairman of the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports. 

He has also been a Red Cross ambassador.

The LPG industry, in cooperation with The Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves, supports the worldwide effort to bring clean air cooking to third world peoples through its Cooking For Life initiative. 

Their objective is to convert one billion people from using biomass and other traditional fuels to LPG by 2030.

Cooking the traditional way has grim consequences on health, with at least two million people dying each year from illnesses caused by indoor air pollution in developing countries.

There are more early deaths every year from indoor air pollution than from malaria, tuberculosis, or HIV/AIDs. 

Switching to LPG will save lives.

Cooking for Life program saves lives


So, now you know what this superstar of Hollywood has in common with the superstar of energy.  

Both are versatile, capable and socially aware.

Great qualities for a man or a source of energy.




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