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Gas Bayonet Heaters – LPG & Natural Gas Portable Gas Heaters

Gas bayonet heaters are a great and convenient way to get gas heating your home.

Here are some of the advantages:

Energy Efficiency & Operating Costs

The typical Star Ratings for gas bayonet heaters, like the best selling Rinnai Avenger gas heater, are from 5.8 to 5.9 Stars, meaning that they are about 90% efficient in converting the gas to usable heat.

Portability – Portable Gas Heaters

Bayonet heaters can be moved where needed, from one room to another, as long as each room has a gas heater bayonet fitting connection.

This is why they are also commonly referred to as portable gas heaters.

The heater plugs into the bayonet connection via a gas hose.
This also allows you to rotate the direction of the heater to aim the heat at or away from a particular part of the room.

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Gas Heater Bayonet Connection

A gas bayonet fitting assures a safe gas supply connection to your gas heater. The male gas bayonet connection, on the bayonet hose, actuates the gas bayonet wall socket valve, allowing the gas to flow through the gas bayonet connection to the gas heater.

Moving Home? Take it with You

Bayonet heaters are much easier to take with you when you move.
You simply disconnect it and go.

Lower Purchase Cost

Bayonet heaters cost less.
When comparing like-sized flued and Gas Bayonet Heaters from the same manufacturer, the flued heaters are 44% to 57% more expensive.

Minimal Installation Cost

If you already have a bayonet fitting in your home, there is no cost to install the heater.
Even if you need to add a bayonet, the installation costs would be modest.

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