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OEM Factory Fitted LPG Gas Cars for Sale


Unfortunately, both Ford and Holden have stopped manufacturing cars in Australia.
As a result, these LPG gas cars are no longer available for sale.

In Australia, we are lucky to have two excellent choices in factory equipped LPG gas cars for sale.

Both Ford and Holden offer cutting edge LPG technology right off the showroom floor.

Holden Ecoline LPG

Holden’s latest Dedicated Sequential Vapour Gas Injection System has lifted the bar on gas performance with a range of hi-tech solutions.

Now the factory-engineered Holden system injects the gas directly into the inlet port.

The cars provide the power and performance you expect from Holden.

With a sophisticated LPG sequential gas injection system that mimics the engine’s petrol injection sequence, the V6 LPG Engine delivers 180kW of peak power running on LPG.

Rest assured, your new vehicle will drive like a Holden should, regardless of the fuel you’re running it on.

The V6 LPG engine is also engineered to last.

The engine has been specifically designed for LP Gas and features ultra-durable Stellite valves.

You get a large car comfort, smaller car fuel costs, more flexibility & more kilometres between fills.

LPG is a much less expensive fuel than petrol.

So, when you opt to power your Commodore Evoke or SV6 sedan or Caprice sedan with a V6 LPG engine, you can look forward to fuel running costs comparable to that of many popular smaller cars that run on petrol.

It’s an obvious win-win. You enjoy all the comfort and roominess of a large vehicle, retain all the safety features that come standard on the equivalent petrol model, and yet still cut your fuel expenditure in a big way.†

Ford EcoLPi

EcoLPi (Liquid Phase Injection) is a new technology developed by Ford engineers right here in Australia.

It is an LPG fuel injection system designed to deliver and burn fuel more efficiently, giving the engine significantly better performance.

EcoLPi is also easier on the environment and your wallet – using less fuel and producing fewer CO2 emissions compared to traditional LPG systems.

EcoLPi (Liquid Phase Injection) uses new LPG injectors to deliver fuel directly into the intake port, in liquid form.

This system has substantial advantages over traditional LPG systems, which turn liquefied gas to vapour form before feeding it into the intake manifold of the engine.

As opposed to traditional systems, the liquid injection system takes the gas in liquid state all the way to the injectors.

The injectors deliver LPG liquid into the intake port as the engine sucks in the air/fuel mix.

As the LPG liquid is released from the injector, because it is no longer under pressure, it expands approximately 250 times into gas and almost freezes the incoming air.

This creates the ideal condition for maximum fuel burning efficiency, hence producing more power and torque economically and with fewer CO2 emissions.‡

For more information, please visit the Ford Australia Web Site

† Source: GM Holden LTD
‡ Source: Ford Motor Company of Australia Limited
All claims are by the manufacturers shown. Elgas is not responsible for any errors or misrepresentations.

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