FAQs for LPG Cars & Autogas

FAQs for LPG Cars & Autogas

LPG Conversion

In simple terms, LPG conversion is the addition of a second fuel system including an LPG tank, intake manifold modifications, a new ECU and various fittings. These additions enable the LPG conversion to run on both fuels.

What is LPG Autogas?

Autogas is LPG for cars and other vehicles.

Autogas can be a blend of Propane and Butane or just Propane.

It is readily available at thousands of service stations around Australia.

To find out more about LPG Autogas, please see: LPG Gas Physical Properties

What about my vehicle warranty?

Your vehicle warranty is not voided by the installation of an LPG system.

However, the vehicle manufacturer will not warrant the LPG system (unless fitted or endorsed by them) and the manufacturer may not warrant anything that is affected by having the LPG system fitted or running the vehicle on LPG.

These items are covered by the LPG system supplier and installer.

Extended warranty products are also available to cover the vehicle for longer periods.

Please check with your installer for your warranty options.

Where does LPG come from?

Please see: History and Origin of LPG Gas

Is LPG Autogas different to LPG used in a BBQ?

It can be.

There are two different grades or blends of LPG and they are not interchangeable.

LPG Autogas is a mixture of Propane and Butane is for automotive use only.

Australian BBQs are designed to run on pure Propane only.

Is LPG Autogas safe?

Yes. LPG has been used safely in Australia for decades.

The Australian standards for LPG equipment, appliances, installation, storage and handling are amongst the world’s best.

Virtually every aspect of the LPG industry is covered by an Australian Standard and may also be covered by additional State regulations.

How safe are Autogas engine systems?

The LPG Autogas systems in today’s modern vehicles are designed to be very safe.

They are safe in use, safe to repair and safe in a vehicle accident situation.

For more details, please see: LPG Vehicle Safety

How much cleaner is LPG Autogas than diesel?

The dirty black smoke that we see coming from diesel vehicles is particulates and a recognised carcinogen.

With an LPG Autogas equivalent, emissions of this particulate matter would be cut by up to 80%.

Why is Autogas more environmentally friendly?

Using Autogas creates appreciably less carbon dioxide (CO2) than unleaded petrol.

CO2 is the most significant of the greenhouse gases, causing long-term climate change.

Overall tailpipe emissions can be improved by as much as 15 per cent, using LPG Autogas instead of petrol.

How much is LPG Autogas?

You save money with LPG Autogas.

Autogas can be purchased for around 2/3 the cost of unleaded petrol.

Retail Autogas prices move in a similar manner to petrol prices.

Price fluctuations reflect the highly competitive nature of the industry, with retailers discounting products in times of low demand.

Why does Autogas cost more in regional areas?

Additional costs are incurred when transporting Autogas from coastal terminals to outlets in regional inland areas.

In addition, smaller volumes are transported to regional areas less frequently than in metro areas and are reflected in the price per litre.

This transport premium could be as much as five times the amount to transport the same volume of petrol to the same regional outlet.

Can I drive all around Australia in an LPG fuelled car?

Yes. Australia’s Autogas infrastructure is well established.

There are more than 3,200 outlets across Australia and nearly half of the filling stations are in regional or rural areas.

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Can any car be converted to LPG Autogas?

There is a variety of different kit and tank types that will suit most makes and models of vehicles. Most petrol-powered vehicles can be converted.

Will Autogas affect my fuel consumption & performance?

While some systems have a slight increase in fuel consumption, this is more than offset by the lower price of Autogas, as compared to petrol.

Please see Facts on Fuel Consumption & Performance

Will LPG Autogas harm my engine?

No, LPG will not damage your engine. Autogas is a cleaner-burning fuel that doesn’t contain acids or leave behind carbon deposits.

It can, in fact, increase the life of the engine.

Will an autogas conversion affect the resale value of my car?

Not only will your engine be in better condition, as Autogas reduces engine wear and tear, there is also an increasing number of motorists attracted by the money-saving benefits of Autogas.

Therefore, converting could actually increase the value of your vehicle.

Where can I obtain the current Material Safety Data Sheet?

Please click to see MSDS for LPG

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