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Autogas Environmental Benefits

LPG cars fuelled by autogas provide a number of environmental benefits – cleaner air, less CO2 and a reduced amount of particulate emissions.

Converting a vehicle to LPG means making a significant contribution to a greener planet.

LPG emits less carbon dioxide than petrol, and less nitrogen oxide and fewer particulates than diesel.

Lower Emissions with LPG

Vehicle emissions are recognised as one of the main contributors to climate change, but LPG is widely recognised for its inherent environmental benefits.

Autogas offers an immediate reduction of up to 15% in CO2 emissions compared to a petrol-powered vehicle, while up to 80% of damaging particulates are eliminated by replacing a diesel engine with an LPG fuelled equivalent.

A further benefit is that LPG vehicles operate relatively more cleanly when the engine is cold – and most vehicles are used for very short journeys.

Filling an LPG tank is a fully sealed process so it also benefits the environment during refuelling.

When filling up with petrol or diesel, chemical vapours escape into the atmosphere and can also be inhaled. This does not happen with Autogas.


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