Autogas for Australia

Autogas Contributes to Australia’s Energy Security

The use of LPG, or autogas, contributes to the overall energy security of Australia.

Autogas is the only vehicle fuel that does not require the importation of product.

This makes autogas uniquely immune to overseas supply disruptions.

Australia is Self-Sufficient in LPG

Australia is more than self-sufficient in LPG, as it is also a net exporter.

In 2012, Australia produced 2,415 kilotonnes of LPG.

Local LPG demand consumed 1,710 kilotonnes with the balance of 803 kilotonnes being exported.

Established Infrastructure

Unlike Australia’s shrinking petrol and diesel refining industry, our LPG infrastructure is robust.

Australian LPG supply, storage and distribution infrastructure includes sea, rail, road and pipeline transport links, as well as cylinder filling plants and bulk storage facilities.

It is diverse, well established and extremely resilient.

It also includes seven natural gas processing plants, nine coastal terminals, 170 regional depots, roughly 1,000 local small business distributors and over 3,200 autogas refuelling stations across Australia.

Integrated Supply Chain

The LPG supply chain is integrated, as the supply of LPG used in the stationary energy and autogas markets can be stored and distributed in a single supply stream.

This integration provides economies of scale that enhances the affordability of LPG and autogas.

This is one reason that, over time, autogas costs up to 50% less at the bowser than petrol.

Supporting the use of autogas means that Australia’s superior LPG infrastructure and product affordability can make a significant contribution to Australia’s energy security, in terms of reliability and competitiveness.

This is yet another reason why you should consider taking advantage of autogas powered vehicles.


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