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Elgas are Australia’s leading home gas suppliers of bottled gas and domestic LPG gas bottles for home. Your local home LPG gas bottle suppliers with LPG refill delivery options including LPG gas bottle refill exchange & automatic tanker LPG refill delivery. Local, safe & reliable home gas suppliers…

Bottled Gas

Bottled gas is a name used for chemicals which are in a gaseous state at standard temperature and pressure (STP) and stored under pressure in steel, galvanised steel, aluminium, or composite gas bottles or other vessels.

Bottled gas is a flammable hydrocarbon gas liquefied through pressurisation and stored in gas bottles or gas cylinders. LPG is also called bottled gas, along with propane, butane and mixtures of these gases. Bottled gas comes from natural gas processing and oil refining.

Bottled gas comes from natural gas processing and oil refining. It is stored in LPG bottles, cylinders or larger vessels. We use bottled gas in our homes for heating, cooking and hot water, as well as auto fuel.

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This quick 90 second home gas suppliers video explains your tanker LPG refill delivery and LPG gas bottles for home exchange delivery options…


This quick 12 sec bottled gas video shows how domestic LPG gas bottle for home refill exchange works:

Home Gas Suppliers for Domestic LPG Gas Bottle for Home Refill Exchange Delivery

We provide you bottled gas with two 45kg LPG gas bottles for home. When linked by a changeover valve, you get an uninterrupted supply. See LPG Gas Bottle Sizes for more info.
♦ We deliver full LPG gas bottles for home and remove the empty LPG gas bottles as you use your domestic LPG bottled gas.
♦ Simply call us when one 45kg LPG gas bottle is empty and we will be there with another domestic LPG gas bottles for home.
♦ You can also Order LPG Refill Online or Order by Text (SMS)
♦ You get Automatic Text (SMS) Gas Check Alerts to remind you when it’s time to check your LPG gas bottles. You’ll never forget to order your LPG gas bottles again!

New customers get $80 Worth of LPG Bottled Gas Credits

Gas Bottles – Domestic LPG Gas Bottles for Home

Gas bottles range from small portable cylinders to large tanks and bulk storage vessels.

High volume users have the larger LPG gas tank sizes (LPG tank sizes).

BBQ gas bottle sizes come in 4kg & 9kg gas bottle dimensions, cylinder capacity & gas bottle sizes (propane gas bottle sizes). Small LPG gas bottles are portable, as used in camping.

Adding LPG gas bottles to your all-electric home? Please read How To Add LPG Gas Bottles for Home
Please see important residential home bottled gas supplier information for New Users of LPG gas bottles for home


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¹Terms & Conditions Apply

*We inspect the LPG gas bottle location, truck line-of-sight and safe street access at your home, as conditions must meet tanker LPG refill delivery safety requirements.

There is no charge for this home LPG gas bottle safety inspection.

For those homes that do not meet the requirements, or in areas where we do not offer tanker LPG refill delivery, we provide our LPG gas bottle Exchange Service.