Pay with Centrelink Centrepay

Use Centrelink Centrepay to pay for home LPG gas bottles

Centrelink Centrepay for Home LPG Gas Bottles

If you receive Centrelink payments, family assistance payments or parental leave pay, now you can use Centrepay to help pay for your home LPG gas bottles.

We are Now a Centrepay Service Provider

Centrepay helps you keep your bills under control.  

You can pay your bills in manageable amounts from your Centrelink payment, making budgeting easier.

Elgas is now a registered Centrepay Service Provider. 

So, now you can nominate to have an automatic deduction made from your assistance payments to pay for your gas. 

Centrepay is a voluntary service. 

How to Get Started

You can start, change, or cancel your deductions at any time. 

You choose to deduct the amount that best matches your gas usage.

Elgas Centrepay Reference Number is:  555 111 681A

You will need this reference number and your 10 digit Elgas customer number to sign up.

You can apply for Centrepay deductions:

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