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Learn more about gas heaters from this compilation of popular blogs.

They include comparisons, How-To, and plain English explanations to FAQs…

Gas Heater Reviews of Types & Prices

Review the pros & cons of various gas heater types, brands & prices to make an informed decision. Rinnai, Everdure, Paloma & Braemar are included…

Gas Heat vs Heat Pump Review – Comparing Comfort & Price

Should you choose reverse cycle heating (heat pump) or gas heat? The most important thing about choosing a heater is the comfortable warmth it delivers…

What Size Heater Do I Need?

Learn what factors to consider to determine the right size gas heater. You want to choose the ‘Goldilocks’ heater that is just right for your comfy home…

Comparing Flued vs Unflued Gas Heaters - Review & Prices

Gas heaters are categorised as either Flued or Unflued (Portable) gas heaters. What should you buy? Compare the pros & cons to make an informed choice…

Energy Efficiency Star Ratings for Gas Heaters, Wall Furnaces & Fireplaces

Gas heaters, gas wall furnaces and gas fireplaces in Australia are all tested & labelled for energy efficiency Star Ratings. More stars equal more savings…

Gas Bayonet Fittings - How to Connect & Disconnect

Portable gas heaters connect to your home with gas bayonet fittings. Illustrated instructions show how to connect & disconnect gas bayonet fittings…

What is a Mj or Megajoule?

Do you know what a megajoule (MJ) is or why it matters when buying a gas heater? Many people think they know but you might be surprised by the real answer…

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Gas Heater

When it’s time to buy a new gas heater, you want to make the right choice. Here are 4 common mistakes you must avoid when choosing your new gas heater…

Victoria Gas Heater Regulations

Victoria has a unique set of gas heater regulations. Learn the facts & get a listing of the Victoria compliant flued & flueless (portable) LPG gas heaters…

Do Not Use Outdoor Gas Heaters Indoors

Keep your family safe. Using an outdoor gas heater indoors is a really bad idea that is dangerous & could be fatal. CO emissions are the primary hazard.

Cabinet Heaters Banned in Australia

Cabinet heaters are imported indoor gas heaters fuelled by a gas bottle contained inside the heater itself. Learn what is behind this safety related ban…

25 LPG Gas Heater Safety Tips

Get 25 essential gas heater safety tips. Gas heaters are a great way to heat your home. Enjoy your gas heater safely by following these simple tips…


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