Forklift Gas Bottle Changeover Procedure

Learn the safe and proper forklift gas bottle changeover procedure.

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Forklift Gas Bottle-Cylinder Removal Process

1. Be sure to wear your PPE. For this process you should be wearing long sleeves, long rubberised gloves and eye protection.

2. Make sure there is NO SMOKING or other ignition source in the area.

3. Turn the empty gas bottle valve OFF (clockwise).

4. Disconnect the gas line by unscrewing the connector (anti-clockwise).

Be aware and cautious, as a small amount of gas may be released from the gas line upon disconnection.

5. Release the brackets that hold the gas bottle.

6. Remove the empty gas bottle from the forklift.

Be sure to use safe lifting procedures.

7. Store the empty bottle in your designated safe storage area.

Always store in an upright position, even if you believe it to be empty.

8. Remember to call us on 131 161 to order more gas.

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Forklift Gas Bottle-Cylinder Installation Process

1. Once again, be sure to wear the specified PPE. 

2. Make sure there is NO SMOKING or other ignition source in the area.

3. Be sure the main valve on the full gas bottle is fully OFF. Check the O-rings in the connectors to be sure they are in good condition.

Forklift gas bottle valves and fittings4. Using safe lifting procedures, place the full gas bottle centred in the brackets, with the Pressure Relief Valve located at the 12 o’clock position.

5. When properly situated, secure the gas bottle by engaging the brackets. Make sure the straps are tight and secure.

6. Connect the gas line to the gas bottle and tighten firmly (clockwise).

7. Turn the main gas valve ON (anti-clockwise) and spray the assembly with a soapy water solution to check for any possible leaks.

If you see any bubbling or smell any gas, turn the valve OFF and recheck the connection and O-rings.

Do NOT leave the gas valve turned ON or operate the forklift if you cannot fix the leak.

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