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Arnold Schwarzenegger & LPG Have 8 Things in Common

In what may come as a great surprise, Arnold Schwarzenegger has a lot in common with LPG. 

In fact, the ‘Governator’ has qualities that are closely paralleled by LPG.

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Definitions for LPG Gas & Gas Appliances

(Plus - 7 Things You Didn’t Know About LPG)

There is a lot of technical terminology, jargon and even slang in the world of LPG and gas appliances. 

This glossary provides simple definitions with accompanying links to in-depth articles, for those who want even more information.

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7 Things You Didn’t Know About LPG

While you may know some of these facts, chances are you don’t know all of them…

The 7 Things

1. Real LPG Explosions are Really Rare

2. Simulated Natural Gas from LPG

3. The Source of LPG

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Helium Gas - Balloon Gas Safety – Don’t Be a Daffy Duck

There is a well-known party trick where people suck gas out of helium balloons to talk funny. 

I admit it -- I’ve done it -- but never again!

The amusement of talking like Donald Duck is overshadowed by the dangers involved with inhaling helium balloon gas. 

It’s not only ‘daffy’...

It can even be fatal!

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NSW Bans Certain Outdoor Area Heaters

NSW Office of Fair Trading have issued an order to prohibit the sale or supply of all non-compliant outdoor gas heaters known as ‘Area Heaters’ in the State of New South Wales. 

This only applies to specific designs and does not apply to the traditional tall ‘mushroom’ style patio heaters.

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Biofuels vs Food – The Ethical Dilemma

With over 7 billion mouths to feed in this world, is it right to be redirecting farmland from growing food to supplying feedstock for biofuels? 

Is the demand for biofuels driving up the price of food for all? 

Do the benefit of renewable fuels outweigh the food supply side effects?

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LPG Becomes a Renewable Energy Source

What do you get when you mix sugar with some very smart bacteria? 


In one ground breaking step, LPG goes from being a traditional fossil fuel to a new form of renewable energy.

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What Do LPG Gas & ATM Machines Share?

What does LPG gas have in common with ATM machines? 

HINT: It’s not that you can get money out of the ATM machine to pay for your LPG gas!

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Problems That Make You Use More Gas

As the years go by, does it seem like you are using more gas than in previous years? 

The problem is most likely something called incomplete combustion. 

The good news is you can fix it, conserve gas and save money, too!

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2 Gas Bottles are Better than 1

Many people wonder why they need two gas bottles for their home LPG instead of just one. 

The simple answer is:

“So you don’t run out of gas”

But even two bottles are no guarantee if you don’t know the “how” and “why”…

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